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Polypropylene sorbents – Sintac Polska
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(cloths, mats, sleeves, walkways). For all liquids.

Polypropylene chemical sorbents absorb all liquids. It is especially recommended to use them to absorb aggressive liquids.


Made of pressed polypropylene fibers. They occur in a smooth or quilted form (quilting strengthens the material, which makes it more durable). They have a very high sorption capacity.

ApplicationFor absorbing all dangerous aggressive liquids in garages, warehouses, workshops, laboratories, etc.


Absorbing mats absorb all types of liquids. They have high sorption capacity, perforation through the center and every 43 cm. Perforation allows you to gradually use the material as needed.

Application: Intended for capturing moderate spills in the workplace: garages, workshops, warehouses, production halls, etc.


Products made of durable fabric filled with chemical sorbent. They allow you to keep your workplace clean. They have high sorption capacity

ZastosowanieSorption pillows and sleeves are an excellent product used to capture and reduce spills of hazardous substances from under the machines and on small, hard-to-reach spaces.

  Polypropylene processed into fibers, from which the wadding or layered nonwoven is made.
  Absorbency depending on the product: 1 kg absorbs from 5 kg to 15 kg on.
  The yellow, pink or green color makes the impregnation of the nonwoven clearly visible.

For safe absorption of corrosive acids, alkalis and other liquids of unknown origin. Thanks to a wide range of products, our products can be easily adapted to the needs of the user and the place.

  Simple and quick to use.
  Light, does not dust.
  They do not change the composition of the absorbed substance.
  For indoor and outdoor use.
  You can use them preventively.
  When removing contaminants, we use their very high absorbency, which is a multiple of their mass.
  The distinguishing color (yellow, pink or green) suggests that the material was used for aggressive liquids and should be handled in a special way.

PZH/HT–2635/2012 Certificate