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Used for the absorption of all fluids (petroleum-based, water solutions and acids).

The Imperial® Sorbent offers the highest work comfort to the rescuer. It has the most advantages among mineral sorbents and is one of the most absorbent sorbents in the world.

It is used to collect leaks of petroleum-based substances and other chemical compounds from the hardened surface. It is irreplaceable in chemical and ecological rescue as well as in the removal of leaks in industrial halls, in chemical warehouses, fuel bases, petrol stations, garages and in transport. The high bulk density makes the Imperial® sorbent ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces

Imperial® is definitely the best among mineral sorbents. Favorite by emergency services and users who value quality and work comfort. Despite the prevailing fashion in the country to buy the cheapest products with very low quality, we sell it more and more each year. It's not without reason that we call it colloquially: "King of the Highway."

  Universal sorbent
  Mineral, granular
  Grain size from approx. 0.3 mm to 0.8 mm
  Bulk weight: 540 g/l
  Absorptivity over 120%
  Packaging: 20 l (about 10 kg)

  No dust.
  It has the highest absorbency of the mineral sorbents that we offer.
  It is not flammable.
  It has high non-slip properties.
  It can be used repeatedly until full saturation.
  It does not give up the absorbed liquid.
  Resistant to wind gusts.
  Does not react with absorbed liquids.
  After soaking, it retains its physical properties.

  1. Apply the sorbent on the stain.
  2. Wait and scrub.
  3. Collect the granules.