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Foaming and extinguishing agents

NEW! Synthetic foaming agent - FOMIN S3.

FOMIN S3 is a synthetic, foam-forming extinguishing agent intended for the production of high density foam using inland water.

FOMIN S3 is a combination of surface-active compounds, chosen due to their high foaming capacity, resistance to foam condensation and temperature, as well as high biodegradability.

FOMIN S3 also has the property of reducing the surface tension of water, so it can be used as a wetting agent in concentrations 0,571,0%.

  Can be mixed with similar synthetic foam-forming extinguishing agents just before use.
  High foam durability and resistance to fire return.
  Very good wetting parameters.
  Has a CNBOP certificate of admission No. 1898/2013 and PZH certificate.
  Proven effectiveness during firefighting.

  The ability to produce firefighting foams: light, medium and heavy.
  For extinguishing class A and B fires.
  For use in all publicly available firefighting devices.
  Area of ​​application: fire brigades, chemical plants, factories, refineries, naphthobases, airports.

  Usable concentration: 3% by volume
  PH value at 20°C: 8±1
  The type of foam produced: light, medium, heavy
  Density at temp. 20°C: 1,05 ± 0,02 g/cm3
  Crystallization temperature: -15 ± 2 °C
  Viscosity at temp. 20°C: max 20 mm2/s
  Sediment: max 0,25% obj.
  Concentration as a wetting agent: 0,5- 1,0% obj.

  IBC containers 1000 kg
  Barrels 200 kg
  Canisters (barrels) 50kg
  Bulk - tank truck

When properly stored in suitable containers and at temperatures between -15°C and +45°C FOMIN S3 retains its properties for at least 5 years..