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Limiting - absorbing barier.

The inspiration for designing the Sintac® Barier was long-term observation of ecological rescue operations taking place on Polish water bodies. The barriers present on the market only limit the leakage of oil derivatives, which requires rescuers to use various types of polypropylene sorbents in order to collect dangerous liquids. Such a practice extends the time of the rescue action, at the same time significantly increasing the cost. An additional valuable advantage is the fact that, unlike rigid, heavy dams bursting in the strong current of the river, the Sintac® Barier can withstand this pressure without any problems. Used during a catastrophe on the Narew River, she passed the exam perfectly.

Sintac® Barier, our company's patent limits the leakage of oil derivatives and at the same time absorbs them. Hydrophobic sorption sleeves are fixed along the entire width of the dam. Specially designed buckles enable easy replacement of bariers (in the event of their full oil impingement) on the site of the action.

This product of Sintac - Polska Sp. z o.o. is protected, within the European Union, with a registered Community design.

  PVC material in red color: 6 or 12 m.
  Flexible load filling.
  The width of the barrier ca. 50 cm, freeboard ca. 20 cm.
  Bariers are equipped with a system that allows easy connectinon with other sections (one standard equipment has one connecting element).
  Polypropylene sleeves ca. Ø 20 cm × 3 m (the sleeves can also be used with dimensions of approx. 20 cm × 1.5 m).
  Set of cables for fixing and possible anchoring.
  To the kit, we add SINTAN® to clean the oily barrier.

The barier, after folding, takes up little space, it is light and comfortable in transport.

During rescue operations carried out on water reservoirs (lakes, rivers, sea wharfs), where oil derivatives are leaking eg during ship failure, collisions and pipeline failures, etc.