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About Us – Sintac Polska
10 Szpotańskiego, Str., 04-760 Warsaw Międzylesie

Our Company is a professional team of passionate people, for whom respect for the environment is more than an essence of professional work: it is a true vocation and a philosophy of living.

Their commitment and knowledge helped the Company become a leader in launching safe and environmentally friendly solutions in the European market.

Sintac-Polska Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1993 by two environment protection professionals: Dr. Reiner Schutte and Janina Majcherczyk.

Dr. Schutte has 60 registered patents in environment protection. He is the author of numerous publications, an outstanding practitioner, distinguished academic teacher and international consultant, as well as the founder of the Institute of Safety Technology and Environment Protection.

Janina Majcherczyk has been the Company’s CEO since the very start of the Company. She is not only its heart and brain, but also a professional who fosters the idea of constant development. It was owing to her commitment and passion that Polish companies started using sorbents and SINTAN® instead of sand, sawdust or hazardous solvents to clean up oil spills. Mrs Majcherczyk is also the author of a number of registered industrial designs.

During the 18 years of its existence, the Company has continued to be the leader in the market. For a wide variety of demanding customers, such as the Fire Department, the army and oil companies, Sintac’s products stand for the highest quality of mineral sorbents and degreasers (SINTAN®) as well as high-quality services. SINTAN® is our patented solution and a truly unique product. It is extremely effective, fully biodegradable and therefore safe for the user and the environment.

Sintac-Polska Sp. z o.o. also offers a wide range of professional services. We are the only one to offer a round-the-clock Environmental Hotline – a service that is widely used by State administration as well as environmentally conscious industrial companies.

With our passion, love for the environment and professional approach, we continued to gain recognition of our clients at home and abroad. The Company as well as its products received numerous awards at various contests, exhibitions or industry events.

Sintac-Polska Sp. z o.o. strives to satisfy the needs of its customers while promoting eco‑friendly solutions. At the times of global economy, the key is to raise environmental awareness and apply environmentally friendly technologies.

"Protecting what’s best in nature for future generations"

„…its up to us what we leave to Mother Nature…”

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