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Degreaser SINTAN ® – Sintac Polska
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Degreaser SINTAN ®

Sintan® is an effective and unrivaled degreasing agent, known and used for over 20 years around the world. Sintan® is used everywhere where oil products and food fats are used.


Sintan® professionally removes contamination by petroleum products and food fats from any hardened surface - concrete, paving stones, natural stone, asphalt, metal, glass, floor coverings, plastics, all fabrics and wood.


  1. Apply the preparation on the contaminated surface
  2. Wait 2-5 minutes
  3. Add a small amount of water
  4. Scrub with a brush
  5. Rinse with water or collect with sorbents or an industrial vacuum cleaner




What is the difference between Sintan® and other products offered?

  it is ready for immediate use,
  it does not contain organic solvents or any caustic, toxic or dangerous substances,
  it does not have fragrances,
  it is not flammable,
  it has a neutral pH,
  it does not contain additives that can change the state of the environment - for example nitrogen and phosphorus compounds,
  during the cleaning process, no toxic or dangerous substances are formed, which means that it can be used in closed rooms,
  Sintan® thoroughly penetrates the substrate and removes oil contamination from the deeper layers of the porous surface
 it is biodegradable in a short time,
Sintan® does not form stable emulsions with oils and petroleum derivatives,
 Sintan® has a positive opinion of environmental protection services, fire brigade, Ministry of Transport, army and a whole lot of references of global fuel concerns present in Poland.

The advantages of Sintan® have been confirmed by laboratory tests:

  Report from the tests of the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry No. CH 1/60/2004, no. CH 1/146/2006.
  Report on Dermatological Research No. B 20845/4600/09.
  Opinion of the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection No. 1652 / BM / 96.


  PZH / HT-0222/96 certificate of non-toxicity of the product.
 PZH/HŻ-752/92 certificate on the admission to trading.
 PZH/HŻ-1741/92 certificate on the possibility of use in the food industry.
  NATO Stock Number - 7930-43-0006997.


  Metal and glassworks.
 Power plants.
  Combined heat and power plants.
  Mining industry.
  Gas pumping industry.
  Painting industry.
  Construction industry.
 Other types of factories and production plants.

Sintan ® can be used for cleaning and degreasing:

in production halls:

  dirty and oily machinery, equipment, technological lines,
  leaky hydraulic installations, communication routes, etc.,
  elements of injection molding machines (degreasing and washing molds before production),
  all hardened surfaces before painting, galvanizing,
  electronic and integrated components before soldering,
  valves of cylinders and other gas containers,
  work cloths (apply the degreaser on a greasy stain, wait about 5 minutes, wash at the appropriate temperature with the addition of washing powder).

in warehouses:

  dirty and oily forklifts and other internal transport equipment,
  barrels, oil tanks, sumps and other storage containers,
  greasy shelf surfaces, shelves after leaks from damaged packaging,
  floors and storage bases.

in loading and unloading places connected with transport:

  greasy stains left by lorries on maneuvering grounds,
  loading ramps,
communication routes for forklifts.

in buildings and facilities of the energy industry:

  transformers and main parts of power supply, oil pans,
  hardened surfaces and surrounding areas of transformers that are filled with oils as a coolant
  external coatings of steam collecting tanks,
  settlers and other elements in which waste resulting from energy production is collected.

in buildings and installations for water and sewage management:

  machines, compressors, containers and tanks,
  for servicing oil separators and treatment plants.

by administrators of buildngs:

  oil boiler rooms - very frequent failures associated with refueling and leaks in large tanks,
  ventilation and air-conditioning equipment,
  spills on parking lots and communication routes,
  oil soils and greases from carpets, rugs.


  Fat plants (production of oils, margarines and butter).
Meat plants and butchers.
  Other types of entities (kitchens, hotels, canteens, fast food restaurants) and production plants where there is contact with food.

Sintan® can be used for cleaning and degreasing:

technological lines of food production,
  component tanks for food production,
  oiled feeding installations,
  bakery and pastry forms,
  surface (type: cube, glaze, terracotta, glass, concrete) in restaurants (kitchens, car parks, pantries, fridges),
  it can be used to remove the effects of unsealing support installations - supplying technological and hydraulic oils for equipment operation.


  Refineries, fuel terminals and storage depots.
  Pipelines and transport by cisterns.
  Fuel stations.

Sintan® can be used for cleaning and degreasing:

  warehouse space (liquidation of leaks and cleaning up after failures),
  cisterns, equipment and unloading places,
  fuel guns with hose and fuel distributors,
 all elements of the service station (such as carports, refueling places, parking lots).


Sintan® can be used for cleaning and degreasing:

  external and internal surface of buses, trucks, trams, trolleybuses, cisterns,
  oily parking spaces, yards and reloading ramps and service channels,
  workshop surfaces,
  greasy and dirty engines and other parts,
  car upholstery.


Sintan® can be used for cleaning and degreasing:

  all infrastructure, devices and containers,
  car workshop halls, depot,
  ferries and ships,
  vehicles and cisterns,
  spots from plane refueling places,
  vertical and horizontal surfaces in halls and repairing and starting aircraft areas,
  cleaning after leaks from barges, in marinas, in refueling motor boats areas,
  the entire wharf infrastructure so that petroleum-based substances do not reach the body of water,
  Sintan ® can be used to remove the oil film from the water surface and to remove the effects of a leak.


Sintan® is used in the rescue operations of Fire Protection Units of the State, Fire Service and TSO and in other Fire Departments based on the positive opinion of the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection in Józefów.

Sintan® can be used for cleaning and degreasing:

  paved surfaces after emergency leakage of petroleum products and food fats.

In addition, it can be used to restore the original roughness on roads and communication routes and to remove the oil film from the surface of the water.


Sintan® can be used for cleaning and degreasing:

Road construction

  sound-absorbing barriers,
  roadside posts and road signs,
  vehicles transporting bituminous masses and other equipment used in road construction - all machines with oil hydraulics,
  purifying the gravel,
  Sintan® it can also be used to restore roughness to road surfaces over oil spills: asphalt, concrete, paving stones, stone.

Military (warehouses, supplies, environmental protection, repair shops)

  shelves, barrels and various oil tanks, including clarifiers, sand traps,
  ventilation devices,
  body and chassis of combat vehicles,
  Sintan® It can be used to keep storage halls and repair channels clean.

Shopping centers

horizontal surfaces to restore roughness,
  stains on nearby parking lots,
  Sintan® it can also be used to keep clean dusty and greasy stores, exhibition halls and warehouses.

Candle manufacturers, cemeteries

  all production and storage areas,
  in addition, Sintan® facilitates the removal of stains from wax and paraffin from tombstones.

Municipal enterprises

  waste containers and containers for transporting them,
  garbage trucks,
  trash chutes in housing estates.


  garages, stains on the stone and concrete paths as well as parking lots,
  walls covered with oil paint or tiles,
  elements before painting (metal and wood),
  pasted floors (wooden, painted, resin and linoleum),
  hoods, gas stoves and other greasy and dusty surfaces in kitchens,
  barbecue equipment,
  greasy stains from all kinds of fabrics intended for water washing,
  ovens and toasters,
  brushes and rollers for applying waxes, polishes and water-soluble varnishes,
  surface before applying synthetic adhesives or silicone.


Comparison Sintan®- Sintan®FOAM