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Environmental emergency – Sintac Polska
10 Szpotańskiego, Str., 04-760 Warsaw Międzylesie


22 812 62 54

0-607 597 964

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0-601 347 363


Environmental emergency services include:

  Express delivery of means and equipment for liquidation of spills of all dangerous substances (including oil derivatives) from hardened surfaces, soil and waters. We guarantee 24-hour warehouse availability. We will provide all necessary measures and technical equipment for limiting, securing and liquidating failures as soon as possible after reporting the incident.
  Carry out a number of activities related to the removal of spills of dangerous substances (including oil derivatives) resulting from road accidents, industrial accidents, random events from hardened surfaces, land and waters.

The standard scope of our services includes:

  securing the place of the event,
  analysis of collected data,
  estimation of contamination,
  liquidation of pollution,
  land reclamation,
  bringing clean dirt,
  preparation of reports for the VIEP and RDEP.

The procedure depends on the size and type of failure and the place of the event.

  Removal of unknown, dangerous, difficult to identify substances abandoned by unknown perpetrators in forests, by roads, on the premises of uninhabited properties. As a standard, at the beginning of such action a local vision is made, followed by substance identification, collection and disposal of waste.
  Collection, transport and disposal of all waste, including hazardous waste.
  Reclamation of soil contaminated with hazardous substances.
  Collection of soil and water samples and analysis for the content of various substances (including toxic and dangerous) in solid and liquid materials.
  Preparation of environmental expertises for soil and water environments.
  Advice and consultation in chemical and ecological failure situations.

We are available to you 24 hours a day. We arrive on Sundays and holidays, always equipped with the most effective means, friendly to the environment.

Sintac - Polska Sp. z o.o. for over 19 years, he has been providing the services of the environmental emergency. Cooperation with us guarantees that we will carry out the work entrusted to us professionally, reliably, effectively, in accordance with the principles of economics and what is very important, in accordance with the requirements of current regulations in the field of environmental protection.

We have all the decisions and authorizations required by law to perform the above range of services.

We carry out the work in accordance with the WIOŚ recommendation, including full documentation (report) of the work carried out.

Our regular partners:

State Fire Brigade, Company Fire Brigades, Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry, scientific facilities and accredited research laboratories.