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SINTAN®Foam - Degreasing Foam

Sintan Foam is a degreasing product used for degreasing and removing the communication dust from vertical surfaces. Concentrated active foam will safely remove contamination. It stays on the surface for a very long time, which improves the cleaning process.

Directions for use: apply the foam with a foam dispencer, wait 2-3 minutes, work the cleaned surface with a small amount of water using a sponge or rice brush. Rinse the surface with water.

  it does not contain organic solvents or any caustic, toxic or dangerous substances,
  it is not flammable,
  has a neutral pH,
  does not contain additives that can change the state of the environment - for example, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds,
  no toxic and dangerous substances are created during the wash process, which means that Sintan® can be used in closed premises,
  does not damage the cleaned surface.

  Vertical surfaces of tanks used for production,
  walls of workshops, industrial halls,
  headlining, advertising pillars, road signs,
grills, fireplace glass, hoods, ovens, countertops and kitchen cabinets in catering establishments,
 cars, forklifts, platform trucks.


ATTENTION: Sintan Foam® 3L generates the densest foam, while the 7L produces a slightly less compact end product due to the lance.

Comparison of Sintan® and Sintan® – FOAM