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Uniwersal sorbents

They absorb all types of liquids. They are sorbents in a loose form (granules) or they can be made of a non-woven fabric (mats, sidewalks, sleeves, cushions, etc.). Sorbents made of non-woven fabric are gray in color. Sorbents do not react with the absorbed liquid.

Oil sorbents

They absorb only oils and oil based liqids. They do not absorb water. These are both loose and non-woven fabric (mats, sidewalks, sheets, sleeves, pillows, etc.). In our offer we also have petrosorb cotton wool with which pillows, sleeves, petrosob and mattresses are filled.

Oil sorbents made of non-woven fabric are white.

Chemical sorbents

They safely absorb all kinds of chemical substances, both aggressive and unidentified ones. These are loose sorbents as well as those made of a non-woven fabric usually found in yellow, pink or mint.

Chemical sorbents made of non-woven fabric are in a color that stands out from the environment in order to signal that we are dealing with a sorbent soaked in a dangerous substance or of unknown origin.