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DUCK® Sorbent, is a light selective sorbent that is used to collect petroleum products from the water surface. After full impregnation, the sorbent stays on the surface of the water - it does not sink.

WARNING! We guarantee the collection and disposal of used DUCK® sorbent throughout Poland, in accordance with applicable regulations.

  Enriched natural volcanic rock.
  It does not absorb water (hydrophobic).
  Absorptivity approx. 200 %.
  Bulk density 158,67 g/l.
  Packaging - 125 l bag (about 12 kg).

  DUCK® is 100% selective - it only absorbs oil-derived substances from the water surface.
  DUCK® is unsinkable even after maximum absorbtion.
  DUCK® after oil absorbtion is compacted into larger agglomerates, thanks to which it is easily collected from water.
  DUCK® has a very high absorption capacity - it is very efficient.
  It is enough to scatter the sorbent onto the surface of the leak or in place of the planned flooding of the reservoir.
  It does not contain heavy metals.

For collecting spills of liquids lighter than water from the water surface. Particularly useful in all hard-to-reach places where it is impossible to use ribbons, dams and sheets. It can also be used to collect oil film flowing on rigid or fence barriers.

We spread the sorbent on the surface of the leak in a water reservoir. Then, after absorbing petroleum substances, it should be collected, for example, with a skimmer.

PZH/HT–2432/2010 certificate
Certificate of admittance from CNBOP in Józefów, nr 0850/2010