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– selective

A heavy selective hydrophobic polyurethane sorbent. It absorbs only oils and petroleum substances. It does not absorb water. For use on hardened surfaces.

We guarantee the collection and disposal of used Nonaqua sorbent throughout Poland, in accordance with applicable regulations.

  Processed milled hard polyurethane foam.
  The grain size ranges from 0.125 mm to 4.0 mm.
  Bulk density 338 g / l.
  Absorptivity - approx. 100%..
  Packaging - 40 liter bag = approx. 20 kg.

  Hydrophobic - does not absorb water.
  It does not reflect absorbed liquid.
  Absorbs fragrances.
  It does not damage the surface.
  Little sensitive to wind gusts.
  Economical during thaw or rain.
  Corresponds to the requirements for sorbents used on roads and received the Type III R marking.

  In open space: on roads, communication routes, maneuvering yards, loading ramps, parking lots. Collects oil spills in all weather conditions (during downpours and in wetlands).
  In enclosed spaces: in industrial halls, oil warehouses, workshops, garages to collect oil spills.

PZH/HT–2431/2010 Certificate
Certificate of admittance of the CNBOP in Józefów, No. 0849/2010
The EDURA 2008 exhibition award in the category of environmental protection measures and devices