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Imperial ® Sorbent

Used for the absorption of all fluids (petroleum-based, water solutions and acids).

The Imperial® Sorbent offers the highest comfort of work to the rescuer. It has the most advantages among mineral sorbents.

Compakt ® Sorbent

It collects spoils of petroleum products and other chemical compounds on paved surfaces. It is irreplaceable during chemical and ecological rescue as well as in the removal of leaks in industrial halls, in chemical warehouses, fuel bases, petrol stations, garages, and in transport.

KOBRA Sintac®

Kobra Sintac® is a unique, patented creation from Sintac®. This soft and flexible, Compakt®-filled roller, is 1.5 m long.

Polypropylene sorbents

Universal polypropylene sorbents absorb all liquids.