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KOBRA Sintac®

Kobra Sintac® is a unique, patented creation from Sintac®. This soft and flexible, Compakt®-filled roller, is 1.5 m long.

It acts like a dam that limits the reach of the backwaters and absorbs falling pollutants (also absorbs acids).

We reach for Kobra® when you need to quickly:

  Limit the spread of the backwaters.
  Secure the sewage well.

Put Kobra® in such a way as to limit the pool. After finishing the works, put it in a bag and transfer it for recycling in accordance with the regulations.

  The special shape makes it adapt to any substrate.
  It can be used immediately, under any conditions and for any type of liquid.
  Kobra® does not allow further dangerous contamination to spread. In this way, we reduce the contamination of the ground, and therefore also of water.