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Sorbent COMPAKT® – Sintac Polska
10 Szpotańskiego, Str., 04-760 Warsaw Międzylesie


Ideal for absorbing all fluids (petroleum-based, water solutions and acids).

It collects leaks from petroleum-based products and other chemical compounds on paved surfaces. It is irreplaceable during chemical and ecological rescue as well as in the removal of leaks in industrial halls, in chemical warehouses, fuel bases, petrol stations, garages, and in transport. It works both indoors and in open spaces - roads, bridges, viaducts, etc. The use of Compakt® Sorbent is safe for both the user and the natural environment. The simplicity of use and reliability of the Compakt® Sorbent mean that it always has it at hand and can be used to remove both small and large spills.

  Universal sorbent
  Mineral, granular
  Grain size from 0,3 mm to 0,7 mm
  Bulk weight approx. 520 g/l
  Absorptivity - over 100%
  Packaging - 20 kg sack or 8 kg bucket


  1. Apply the sorbent on the stain.
  2. Wait and scrub.
  3. Collect the granules.


  It has very good absorbency, which allows you to collect the maximum amount of substance with the least amount of sorbent. In addition, it means less storage space, lower transport and disposal costs.
  It is non-flammable, does not create an additional fire hazard.
  It has anti-slip properties, it does not give up absorbed liquid, so it is not a cause of secondary slip hazard. After the area is covered, you can walk safely and carry out rescue operations.
Compakt® sorbent can be used repeatedly for full saturation.
  Properly selected bulk density means that the sorbent does not float on the surface of the pool and is not susceptible to wind gusts.
  Does not react with absorbed liquids.
  Quickly absorbs chemicals in the interior, even with high viscosity.
  After soaking it still retains its physical properties. It is hard, resistant to squeezing, after the sorption it stays loose.
  Proper granulation means that the granules reach every aperture of the dried surface. From our many years of experience in the activities of the Emergency Service, it is clear that with fresh spills of low-viscosity substances it is enough to use Compaktu® without a cleaner to restore the original roughness of the substrate.
  Corresponds to the requirements for sorbents used on roads and received the Type IIIR marking.
  It is the only sorbent in Europe that soaked with oil derivatives is not a useless waste.
  We accept the spent Sorbent Compakt® from our customers for further economic use (Decision of the Mazowiecki Wojeowda No. WŚR-V-6620/26/2002).

  Removal of spills of dangerous liquids, including petroleum derivatives, from hardened surfaces.
  Protection of accident sites after the release of any hazardous substances on road, rail transport.
  Restoring roughness on communication routes.
  Preventive protection of leakage places of hazardous substances, eg stand-alone transformers.
  Filling of bathtubs and pallets catching petroleum substances, water solutions and chemical compounds.
  Cleaning oily machinery, equipment, etc., where it is not advisable to use water.
  Securing the carriage of any hazardous liquids.

  PZH/HT–2162/2007 certificate
  Admission of CNBOP in Józefów, nr 0159/2008
  PZH/HT-2162/2007 certificate
  Nr NATO Stock Number - 4235 - 43 - 0006998