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(cloths, mats, sleeves, sidewalks). For all liquids.


Universal polypropylene sorbents absorb all liquids:

  • aggressive chemicals including corrosive acids and bases,
  • oils and petroleum derivatives,
  • water solutions, hydraulic fluids, coolants.


Made of pressed polypropylene fibers. They come in a smooth or quilted form (quilting strengthens the material, which makes it more durable). They have a very high sorption capacity. They do not change the composition of the absorbed liquid. Dark color allows economical use of material for full soaking (dark color masks dirt).

Application: For maintaining cleanliness in the workplace: in garages, warehouses, workshops, etc.


Sorption mat absorbs all liquids. It has perforation through the center and every 43 cm. It allows for its gradual use as needed.

Application: Intended for capturing of small spills. It can be used as a pavement or as a cloth. Suitable for places with moderate traffic. Quilting material makes it more resistant to tears.


In this group we include:

  • MORO walkway
  • Sorptive and insulating walkway
  • Sorption walkway

They are characterized by very high durability. They can be used in places with high traffic. They have a very high sorption capacity. Dark color allows economical use of material until full impregnation (dark color masks dirt).

Application: Ideal for securing surfaces under production lines and in warehouses. MORO colors perfectly mask dirt.


Products made of durable fabric filled with a universal sorbent. They have high sorption capacity

ApplicationSorption cushions and sleeves are excellent products for limiting and catching spills from machines and devices. Allow the workplace to be kept clean.

  Polypropylene processed into fibers, which are made of woven or non-woven fabric,
  Absorbency depending on the product: 1 kg absorbs from 5 kg to 15 kg ON.

For safe absorption of oils, chemicals and other unknown liquids. Thanks to the wide range of products, our products can be easily adapted to the user's needs and the place where the leak should be eliminated.

  Simple and quick to use.
  Light, do not dust.
  For indoor and outdoor use.
  You can use them preventively.
  When removing contaminants, we use their very high absorbency, which is a multiple of their mass.
  Dark color masks stains.

  PZH/HT–2635/2012 certificate