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Professional cleaning and waste collection

Since 1994, on the strength of our legal decisions, we have been receiving waste from all over the country.


The permits obtained entitle Sintac Polska Sp. z o.o. to:

  disposal of waste, including hazardous waste.

Waste collection services include:

  Removal of unknown, dangerous, difficult to identify substances abandoned by unknown perpetrators in forests, on roads, on the premises of uninhabited properties. As a standard, at the beginning of such action a local vision is made, followed by substance identification, collection and disposal of waste.
  Collecting, transporting and rendering harmless dirt contaminated with dangerous substances.
The standard scope of such services includes:
- securing the place of the event,
- sampling,
- analysis of collected data,
- estimation of contamination,
- liquidation of pollution,
- land reclamation,
- bringing clean dirt,
- preparation of reports for the VIEP and RDEP.
  Collection, transport and disposal of all waste including hazardous waste.
  Disassembly and disposal of asbestos-containing waste.
  Cleaning of the property.
  Organizing the area after construction.
  Liquidation of "wild" landfills.

Liquidation of "wild" landfills.

Collection of hazardous waste for disposal

Collection, transport and disposal of contaminated soil

Disassembly, collection, transport and disposal of asbestos