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Professional washing and degreasing

Sintac-Polska Sp.z o.o. has been offering cleaning and degreasing services for over 20 years.
We perform these services with our proven equipment using a safe Sintan degreaser. In contrast to competing products, we have laboratory tests confirming the properties of our degreaser. It is a product with a neutral pH, which thoroughly removes contamination from the substrate and its deeper layers.

An example of the scope of our work:

  washing and degreasing of halls and industrial facilities - including aesthetic treatments, i.e. painting,
  washing and degreasing of machines and devices,
  washing and degreasing of transformers - along with painting,
  cleaning and degreasing military facilities (MPS, car workshops, repair halls, hangars),
  washing and degreasing of fuel stations - vehicles, fuel distributors, facades, roof linings,
  washing and degreasing of car parks, driveways, garages, maneuvering yards and waste disposal sites, elevations,
  washing and degreasing of tracks,
  washing and degreasing of track gravel,
  washing and degreasing of oiled construction debris.

Washing and degreasing of tanks

Attention! We guarantee the disposal of all waste generated during the service.

Washing and degreasing of sewage systems after contamination with petroleum substances

  pumping out dangerous substances,
  cleaning (degreasing) of sewerage network, inspection chambers, gullies, side drains,
  unblocking sewage network, laterals,
  sampling of water with analysis, to determine the amount of contamination,
  collection and neutralization of generated waste.

We undertake to carry out works (even difficult ones) on all facilities, guaranteeing the ordering party to comply with applicable regulations in the field of environmental protection, occupational health and safety and fire protection.

We remove comprehensively every (also long-term) dirt (a long list of references).

Properly selected technology guarantees high efficiency when using agents that do not contain toxic substances.

Under the legal decisions we have, we guarantee the disposal of all waste generated during the service.

Degreased surfaces are suitable for applying paints, resin and varnish coatings.

We have logistic facilities and equipment allowing us to carry out works throughout the country.

We have many years of experience in professional removal of all oil soils, far exceeding the capabilities of cleaning companies.


Specialist transformers washing