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Trainings – Sintac Polska
10 Szpotańskiego, Str., 04-760 Warsaw Międzylesie


Based on the knowledge and many years of experience of our specialists, Sintac® - Polska Sp. z o.o. proposes trainings in the field of Environmental Protection. This offer is intended for both managerial, engineering and technical staff as well as people who have direct contact with dangerous substances in the workplace.

The proposed training topics include:

  Environmental protection law in the full scope of applicable laws.
  Environmental protection law in practice.
  Liquidation of environment contamination - technical and economic aspects.
  Ways of prevention and elimination of spills of dangerous substances, including petroleum derivatives - principles of selecting technologies and products.
  Handling of hazardous materials and waste.
  Rules of conduct in cases of failure.
  Rules for dealing with incidents with leakage of dangerous substances.
  Prevention - ways to prevent environmental contamination.
  Methods of protecting the environment against hazards resulting from the use of substances used in the operation of machinery and equipment.
  Chemical rescue.

The aim of the training is to familiarize the listeners with the environmental protection regulations and to make them aware of what these provisions are for themselves.

The training will enable you to:

  Using practical knowledge, among others specialists of the Environmental Emergency, which cooperate with Fire Protection Units on a daily basis.
  Reducing environmental risk by better identifying threats and preparing in case they happen,
  Translating laws and environmental protection requirements into the use of appropriate products to remove spills of hazardous substances,
  Expanding knowledge in the field of reducing operating costs through the use of modern technologies (high absorbency sorbents, effective preparations and appropriate equipment to remove spills of hazardous substances).
  Expanding knowledge in the selection of sorbents, degreasing agents and neutralizers and equipment for the removal of spills of hazardous substances.

We carry out trainings in accordance with the individual needs of the client so that the program takes into account the specificity of the company and the problems occurring in a given factory.

Depending on individual needs, possibilities and time allocated, the training can be conducted in the form of theoretical classes, practical workshops and a study of specific cases. Each of the training participants receives a Certificate of acquired knowledge. We guarantee interesting lectures and practical classes. In addition to professional training, we can provide you with free presentations of our products.

In order to obtain detailed information on the possibilities and costs of training, please contact: sintac@sintac.com.pl